Menschen im Vertrieb - The name stands for over 10 years for high consulting quality and excellent sales competence. And yet, people in sales are not just a consulting or recruiting company. Behind the growing success of our company is a very special mission and common values, which determine the daily action of us.  Our principles:

  • We lead our company honestly, eliably and fairly. We focus on humanity, liberality and tolerance.
  • Every customer and every applicant is different, each task is different. That is why we develop tailor-made concepts for you.
  • All the members of our team - even for years "salesmen" - have a great sense of empathy, heart and enthusiasm.
  • Our goal is to find people, as well as create concepts and implementations for companies with aview for the whole, which bring a long-term benefit.  
  • Entrepreneurship for companies is our motto. We only develop measures that can be implement and have an impact.  
  • We have clearly structured our company and identified areas of responsibility. By granting a great decision-making space, we encourage the creativity and creativity of our employees. Everyone can make certain mistakes, if lessons are drawn from them.
  • We achieve a profit that makes the company financially in- dependent and enables growth according to the company's objectives.
  • We want the success, because: without success, no joy. We still take our competitors seriously. It is fun to measure our achievements. Not only at present, but also in the medium and long term, we create scope for the successful continuation of our company.

We are passionate about our customers. In the analysis of potentials, in the implementation of improvement measures or in the search for and selection of sales teams and executives - always with a focus on sales. As a reliable partner to our customers, we live an open communication based on mutual respect and trust. Because we do not want to just satisfy our customers, we want to inspire them and make a "Sales Driven Company" from their company.

Denn, jedes Unternehmen lebt von dem was es verkauft und nicht von dem was es produziert.