Increase your sales performance
with the No. 1. in Austria

Menschen im Vertrieb
is an Austrian company consultancy with exclusive focus on sales. Our consultancy work is fully concentrated on increasing your sales. We achieve revenue based growth plans for our clients, with the help of fact-based, practical and usable strategies and measures.  

Experienced specialists and tested check-lists support the optimisation of sales at all client contact points along the channels. With over 100 successful and reference projects in our track record, we can use a wide range of benchmarks and comparison opportunities in recruiting, training and consulting.


The absolute strength of Menschen im Vertrieb lies in the fast and efficient recruiting of matching sales persons for any levels of the hierarchy. We have the largest network of sales people and sales talents in Austria, recruiting the best matching candidates. We stand out by this network that is used by our candidates and clients as well. We build confidently on a fair, cooperative partnership on equal footing. Take the advantage of our know-how and experience since 2007!

In Recruiting only one thing counts: to find the appropriate candidates quickly for the specific job - to find a sales talent.  With our network and process oriented approach, we are in the position to be able to introduce new, exclusive applicants to you; people you would never have met otherwise. 

Needless to say, we are very much interested to know where your company and your team today are and where you are heading to. We are supporting you on this journey. Don't worry if it is about a short-term or a hard-to-fill position. Our experience shows that it is exactly our Multi-Channel-Search option that can suppport you the best in this case. Do you want to know how it works and how much it costs? We will take the time to answer even these questions quickly and purposefully. We are bound to do so by our name: People in Sales (Menschen im Vertrieb)!



Sales plays the key role when implementing company and revenue growth strategies. Our experience and studies based on various industries show that huge unexploited potentials are slumbering in this area. 

Menschen im Vertrieb helps clients in any industry to increase the efficiency of sales in order to achieve competitive advantages. What are the appropriate sales objectives? Where is my target group focus? How can we achieve better results with our key clients? How can we conquer more new clients? Which distribution channel should I use and where? What conditions would be required by my sales team in order to be successful? How can I transform my sales processes to be more efficient? We'll give you the answers!


Goal-oriented sales trainings ensure significant market advantages to companies. It is because it's exactly the unique relation to a particular client what a competitor cannot copy. Successful companies never leave these significant relations to chance. 

In order to increase market share or conquer new markets, your sales people need a lot more than just the appropriate technics: they need competence in relations and consulting, complemented by problem solving and negotiation skills. We deliver these skills systematically, individualised for your company.