Sales Training

1. KTC - Training

Individual sales training aligned to your company (KTC)

Our trainings will help to leverage performance right where this is mostly needed: with the biggest challenges of sales people. Based on our experience of many years in projects of a wide range of industries, we address topics that may bring fast, noticeable performance growth in Sales:  

  • effective use of the most valuable resources (e.g. time) with the appropriate clients
  • identifying all relevant clients in the target group and selling to them
  • understanding and addressing the clients' world
  • using service as the most important cross and upselling tool
  • implementing company-wide consistent sales processes
  • high stroke rates in homogene and clearly set target groups
  • sales techniques and tools that really work

In our KTC-Sales Trainings ("intensive" and "light") we focus on developing the perception and knowledge of your staff with regard to these topics (with a special workshop method), providing simple, effective tools that can be implemented immediately. With the help of the exercises for practicing, followed by a Sales Coaching session ("intensive") the knowledge acquired during the training will be sustainably consolidated by applying the tools in practice, with the necessary feedback. 


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Verkaufstraining und Vertriebstraining

Verkaufstraining B2B und Einzelhandel, Neukundenakquisition, Stammkunden-Management, Junior-Sales-Training, Abschlusstechniken, Reklamationsmanagement, Empfehlungsmanagement, Key-Account-Verkauf, Cross- und Up-Selling, Kundenrückgewinnung, Messe-Training


Top-Level-Selling, Preisverhandlungen, Argumentationstraining, Präsentationstechniken


Neukundenakquisition, Reklamationsmanagement, Kundendienst-Training, Innendienst-Training


Führungskräfte-Training, Vertriebs-Controlling, Persönlichkeitsentwicklung


In unseren Trainingsangeboten wird besonders die Wissens- und Erkenntnis-Ebene (durch eine spezielle Workshop-Methode) der Mitarbeiter zu diesen Themen entwickelt und einfache, effektive Werkzeuge zur sofortigen Anwendung bereitgestellt. Mit Aufgaben für die Praxis, einem DIGITALEN COACH (App) und im One-to-One-Video-Coaching (Sales-Coaching2go) wird das im Training erworbene Wissen durch praktisches Anwenden und Reflexion dauerhaft gefestigt. 

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Der Digitale Coach

Spitzensportler wie Dominic Thiem inspirierten uns. Nur kontinuierliches Trainieren führt zu außergewöhnlichem Erfolg!

Mit unserem "DIGITALEN COACH", einem Online-Trainings-App, ergänzen Sie unsere Verkaufs- und Vertriebstrainings digital und helfen Ihren Mitarbeitern täglich zu trainieren. Sie erschaffen damit die wirksamste "Blended Learning" Lösung am Markt, die Ihre Mitarbeiter motiviert, täglich Gelerntes in der Praxis anzuwenden.

2. Open Training Academy 

Target group specific courses and trainings for individuals in our Academy in Graz

Our Sales Academy offers a comprehensive set of basic and advanced trainings for any sales oriented company activities. With many years of experience in the field of Sales and Management, our trainers understand the industry. We share this experience with you unvarnished, unfiltered - and with high practical value. 

We share knowledge – in a practice and success oriented way.

  • public trainings - for companies who want to train just one or a few employees
  • developing young "potential colleagues"
  • courses with contents specifically developed for the respective target groups with very high practical value
  • a didactic concept to be implemented within the company
  • practice-oriented exercises and challenges between training modules
  • lots of know-how due to years of trainers' experience
  • supplementary activities in order to individualise and deepen the course contents
  • no financial risk due to our satisfaction guarantee 

More information about the comprehensive training programme and signing up for the Sales Academy courses on our dedicated website: 

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