Competent advice - tailor-made for You.

With our professional expertise and instincts, we support you in realising your dreams in the world of sales. Our sound know-how about workforce markets, extensive sales competence and personal distinction enable us to advise you competently and with a practical orientation. As an applicant / candidate of Menschen im Vertrieb, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • over 1,000 consultations and coachings per year
  • special presentations and seminars about the application process
  • individual career consultancy 
  • always accessible sales job pools
  • contacts to many leading companies and the relevant persons   

Take the advantage of the companies we are cooperating with, have access to positions that are often not even publicly advertised on the market. Because the sales job market is not enough transparent within the various media channels,  and sometimes not even entirely "honest".  

Our primary interest is Sales. This is our world: we know the market leaders of medium sized companies, the specialised niche providers, the hidden champions, but also the well-known large groups and in Austria, we know exactly if and where an exciting sales position is being offered. 

Where are you heading to in Sales? What will be your next career move? What are your sales talents? We align your goals with the profiles of our clients. We are supporting you during the whole process, giving your advice before your important conversations and being at your disposal, helping with words and deeds with your decisions. 

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