Career advice and career coaching

Are you currently working in sales, wanting to improve your career perspectives? Do you want to find a new orientation in sales? Are you looking for a job or preparing to return to work as a sales person? We are happy to assist you with that! Because neither career nor sales success is a coincidence! A challenging professional activity, satisfying conditions, professional and personal development perspectives belong to the most important aspects of professional success and personal satisfaction. With our personal career advice, you obtain a practical orientation and a clear definition of your next career moves.  

Our CAREER ADVICE includes: 

  • working out your career planning measures (change, new orientation)
  • definition of your professional goals
  • developing a strategy to find your dream job
  • recognising your potentials, exactly defining your personal strengths and weaknesses
  • and individual sales potential analysis (you obtain an overview of your personality patterns in the professional context of sales situations)
  • current market development in sales / your industry
  • chances in various industries / companies
  • together with you, we prepare your personal carreer question inventory and your career planning measures (change, new orientation)
  • we inform you about your real chances on the job market - if you consider a change
  • we encourage you to carry on a feasibility check of your visions
  • we check your on-line reputation in the most important business networks (XING, LinkedIn)
  • we develop a strategy for a perfect self-brand representation in social networks

CAREER COACHING (a number of personal coaching appointments as per agreement on a monthly basis, complemented by e-mail and telephone support): 

  • we help you through the process of implementation
  • we warn you when there is a risk of losing the sight of your goals
  • we motivate you in times when your enthusiasm is down

Check your application

Take the advantage of the abundance of contacts, competence and experience of Menschen im Vertrieb in career advice, right in the first important phase of the application process, to increase you chances for a career in sales. The checking of your application materials includes:

  • review and alignment of your application materials (CV and motivation letter) based on both formal and content-related aspects
  • comprehensive feedback about your application materials
  • specific recommendations for improvement
  • checking your references / testimonials, with comments

You receive feedback about your files from us within a week, by e-mail. We need the following files from you to do this: 

  • your motivation letter
  • your CV with a photo attached
  • sales job offer that you want to apply for / the description of the job you want 
  • testimonials

For more information about checking your application materials / our career advice services, please contact our career coach Ms Mag. Hanna Bachinger.
Tel: 0316-225079



Das schnellste Coaching der Welt!

Unter Sales-Coaching verstehen wir die lösungs- und zielorientierte Begleitung (Karrierecoaching, Verkaufscoaching, Führungscoaching), mit der Absicht, die Selbstreflexion zu fördern und die eigene Wahrnehmung und das eigene Verhalten zu verbessern. 

Wir verbessern Ihre Entwicklungs- und Leistungsfähigkeit im Rahmen Ihrer individuellen Möglichkeiten. Und das in Bezug auf Ihre persönliche Situation (Karriere), im Hinblick auf Ihre beruflichen Aufgaben (Verkaufen) und für leitende Mitarbeiter auch in der Führung (Führung).

Wenn wir uns erst einmal eine Meinung über die Welt gebildet haben, dann halten wir meist daran fest und setzen uns damit auch unnötige Grenzen - privat und beruflich.Wir helfen Ihnen diese Denkblockaden schnell und effektiv aus dem Weg zu räumen -  überall und jederzeit!

Unser 1-to-1-Video-Online-Coaching ist rasch, unkompliziert und ortsungebunden, jederzeit verfügbar. Sie ersparen sich Zeit und Kosten! 

Weitere Informationen über das "schnellste Coaching der Welt" und die Möglichkeit gleich direkt ein Coaching zu buchen, erhalten Sie direkt auf folgender Homepage: